Your Professional Event Photographer Guide

event photographerHow can an event photographer become professional? There is a necessity for a brief guide to being made to help people who have just begun on their career to understand what they need to do. They say the first step is often the hardest and the most important and we couldn’t agree more.

Do what is asked

Your first event photography job isn’t going to be as awesome as you think. At least, your first paid job is not going to be a gala dinner event. It might be something that is pretty much small and contains a few people in a small house party. That is your first job and you are probably not as excited.

If you are, great because you will be trying your best. But if you are not, think of how you can practice at this moment. Within such a mundane event, what is it that they want to capture. It is only a small party with very few people and you are not sure if there’s anything special about it. But there’s the challenge, and just accept it.

Know the event

It’s important that you know about the event before you go to the party. Ask your clients about the event and what is commemorated. Or maybe is there anyone in particular in the party that your client wants to have more pictures taken of. If you know about the party as if you are a guest on it, it will help you capture what is necessary for that event.

An event photographer first step to professionalism is here. Make it a habit to understand the event and get an understanding like a guest in that party.

Put portfolios

When you put up your portfolios like the ones shown in, make sure that you know what each event is. Your future clients will want to see those and compare how you did in other events that might be similar to his. An event photographer should also list his portfolios in a way that is easy to navigate in.

Arrive early

Always make sure to arrive early to every event you are assigned to. Take some pictures of the room prepared to welcome the guests from various angles as this is commonly one of the most used pictures to create a classy feel. Your client will probably ask that themselves as well.

If you arrive way before the event starts you will have enough time to ask about the itinerary of the day. That way, you know where to stand and who to expect as well as prepare for guests’ arrivals. In case that your clients made last second changes, you will have time to adjust yourself as well. You don’t have to take pictures of everyone, but at least, you won’t miss important people when they arrive.

Enjoy the job

This is something that we always like to remind anyone doing anything in their life. So long as you can enjoy your job, it won’t become a burden that you hate. Instead, it will drive you to do better for your clients and seek ways to make yourself better. It’s the attitude that a professional event photographer must have.