What About Choosing Your Newborn Photographer?

newborn photography LondonThe task to take pictures of newborns doesn’t seem daunting. At least, in the eyes of people who are not really experienced in the job. We cannot agree to that, however. A newborn photography London service has to be done by professionals and you’re about to know why!

Small time frame

There’s only so little time for the baby to have its pictures taken. Because of that, parents can sometimes submit to just any photographers to have some newborn pictures taken. However, those people cannot prepare as well as professionals can.

Professional newborn photographers are experienced and they have their own guidelines to follow. Those guidelines help keep the photography session fun, safe and smooth. But non-professional cannot do that and may even put your baby in danger unknowingly to you or them. It is rare, however, to find a professional photographer who is available when you want him to.

That is why we recommend you to plan your newborn photography early. You need to look for one during your pregnancy to ensure that the photographer will be available when you need him to.

Someone with ethical conduct

The photographer is dealing with very young babies and it’s only right that you find someone with proper ethical conduct. This is because safety is of utmost importance and one way to see this is by looking through the photographer’s portfolios. You can also ask the photographer how he uses several props that are commonly deemed as ‘unethical’.

For example, a photographer that uses hanging bags may tell you that he chooses to take separate pictures of the baby in the bag and the bag is hung in the air. He will then edit the pictures later.

We can give you a recommendation for ethical newborn photography London service and that is from www.stephenbrucephotography.co.uk. You do not need to fear for your baby’s safety as much when working with this photographer. Safety is always his priority.

Someone creative!

Next would definitely someone creative! Newborn babies are very plain and innocent by nature which makes it easy for the photographer to color the frame. Yet, the colors cannot stand out too much that people lose focus of the baby in the frame. It’s all about capturing the early days of the baby when it’s still innocent, clean and calm.

One way to see creativity is when you look at the portfolios of the photographer, you can see the babies captured under various lights and colors. You also need to see how the photographer is using various props for the photography. It’s even better if the photographer does both lifestyle and formal photography because that means the photographer is versatile and can shoot under various conditions.

This shows how professionals are wanted again for the job. Each baby has different characteristics and what matters most is that the photographer has to prepare a lot in every newborn photography London. A photographer can never be 100% sure that the baby can do all the poses. Sometimes, the baby cannot stay, so the photographer has to keep moving on.