Do You Need WordPress Support for Photographers?

wordpress support for photographersMost of the photographers that we met told us that managing site is the hardest thing to do. Even with WordPress, one of the easiest platform to create a site, they are still having a problem, and maybe you are, too. That’s why you search for WordPress support for photographers.

What kind of WordPress support will be provided though? Will it be better to entrust the job to someone else or try to do it yourself? Here’s your answer.

What it entails

Managing a site is not an easy task. You have to be responsible for many things and ultimately, be around 24/7 to keep the site off cyber attacks. And that means you are not even working as a photographer anymore, but an IT expert, a site manager. That’s not why you set up a site, now, is it?

WordPress is an amazing platform, housing millions of sites with more created each day. You can easily install plugins, upload new content and receive full support with the right subscription. However, it gets complicated when you have to learn about SEO, keywords, optimizing the site, as well as updating everything, especially when WordPress announces it.

It’s really confusing once you try to learn about it when you have no basic about site-building and managing. Building it is one thing, managing it is another whole thing. It’s constant and you have to be ready to sacrifice your sleep sometimes.

These are the main reasons why one will need WordPress support for photographers. It’s not an easy thing to do given that you still need to manage your own photography business. If you need a recommendation asap, we suggest giving MyPhotoCTO a visit.

So, what will a third-party do to help you with WordPress support?

What they do

They will firstly help with updating the plugins to make sure it’s to the latest version as WordPress is constantly updating its coding for better optimization. Next, they will help you maintain your site’s UI because a good site is the one where people can easily navigate in. It also has to load within a short time, making it easy to load new pages and explore the site.

They also want to tell you when they detect that certain pages are loading too long, such as your gallery, and how to optimize those. Don’t you hate it when you visit a site and everything is just stuck, laggy, and the site is loading forever? That’s what you want to avoid happening to your visitors.

They will also protect your site from being attacked all the time even when you are sleeping. It’s also worth noting that these supports provide live chat sometimes. You can immediately inquire anything through the live chat when you see problems and you have to be prompt about it.

Just remember that your time shouldn’t be spent too much on trying to build and manage your site that is meant to market your business. Let the professional in WordPress support for photographers do their job, so you can focus more on your photography job or hobby without worrying too much about it.