How to Choose Your Portrait Photography Studio

portrait photography studioYou’re looking for a professional portrait photography studio? Most probably, you want someone who is able to figure out the best angle to take your pictures. You also want someone who knows how to direct you if you are not a professional model, to begin with. There are many expectations, but the challenge is to find the right person for the job!

What is your purpose?

Depending on why you want to get some portrait pictures, you may need to find a different studio for the job. Some professional portrait photographers are experienced in taking certain portraits and they might not be what you need. It could be the style of the photographer that you are pretty particular with.

Before you start looking for a photographer, you got to know what you need from them first. Then it will be much easier for you to discuss with them and pay for something that you really need.

Experienced photographer

Portrait photography requires a photographer to be extremely familiar with taking pictures in different places. That means someone who improvises easily on the spot because you most probably don’t want to be brought to the same place and be directed the same way as other clients by the photographer. That photographer must also be used to capturing pictures of people from different physical appearance.

You may have different special circumstances and you don’t want a photographer that is picky about it. Do not feel discouraged because there are always more people who did not have the most ideal body shape came to a portrait photography studio like Chris Scott Photography. In fact, you might be interested to see what he had done for them! That brings us to the next step.

Look at portfolios

Many of them must have worked with various clients and should have kept some as their portfolios. You want to see that there is someone similar to you who had his portraits taken there. Or maybe someone with a similar theme to what you want. This is a great way to see if the photographer will do well for your portrait pictures!


The most important part of a photo shoot session is to have a model that understands what the photographer wants. On the other hand, the photographer must also know how to best direct the model and where to shoot from. The close is your relationship with the photographer, the easier it is to listen and follow his directions.

You are not a professional model, but your photographer is. So, it is up to him to help you get used to the set. You don’t have to hire him to know how it feels; you can see it from your first few minutes of talking with him. Do you feel comfortable around the photographer? Does he give genuine compliments that help boost your confidence?

If you walk into the right portrait photography studio, you will be able to see pictures of the better version of yourself! But that truly depends on whether you found the right photographer with the right skills or not!

Posing With A Portrait Photographer

You don’t have to be an experienced model in order for you to figure out how you should pose for a professional portrait photographer at the end of the day. Youportrait photography just need to take things into account the right way. Posing is something that intimidates non models in general but there are actually a lot of basic stuff that you can take into account that will help you and your professional portrait photographer out a lot one way or the other. Research a little bit on how to pose in front of the camera and you will be able to pick up a thing or two. You don’t have to be a professional model to get something like this taken into account when it all comes down to it. the simplest of things can turn out to make quite a difference at the end of the day and these things are what you should be looking out for as much as you possibly can when it all comes down to it.

Start off by posing the hair.

Most people neglect the hair altogether but this is a very huge mistake. Even if you might not think of it as a general part of your body, it is a main element and it can affect the way that your portrait shots come out looking like at the end of the day. There is no general rule for hair. It all depends on what your face shape is and on what your hairstyle is so observe yourself in the mirror ahead of time or get a haircut while you still can. You have to understand that there is a reason why they call your hair your crowning glory. It might seem a bit understated most times but the truth of the matter is that your hair really can end up affecting the overall look that you have. This is why you should make sure that your hair is groomed the right way and is at its best possible behavior during the time of the portrait photography shoot. No matter how well you pose, it wouldn’t matter too much if your hair is a mess because that’s all the audience will notice when they look at your portrait photos.

Pull your chin forward.

It has nothing to do with weight. No matter how skinny someone is, that person is bound to look like he has a double chin if he doesn’t pull his chin forward. It is a very easy two step rule that you ought to keep to heart as much as you possibly can. Pull your chin forward and pull it a few angles down. You don’t want to look like the Michelin man when you are being photographed. The whole purpose of getting your portrait shots taken is so that you can document how well you look.

Don’t squish your arms at the sides. Most of the professional portrait photographers will give out this advice freely but when you come to think about it, why should you wait. Give your portrait photographer a break by posing the right way ahead of time without having him call you out.

Tips From London’s Best Portrait Photographers

Most versatile and in demand

portrait photographyPortrait photography will turn out to be one of the most versatile and most in demand photography skills and styles out there. If you would like to really expand your marketability and your niches as a professional photographer, then portrait photography will turn out to be your best bet when it comes to things like these. Make sure that you are always in the loop about the things that are going on in the portrait photography world so that you are not left behind in terms of the latest techniques, strategies, and even trends. The thing about portrait photography that tends to appeal so much to the regular folk is that there is an intrinsic urge or need for people to want to look good one way or the other. No one would want to get his picture taken and open say or wish that he would look terrible. If you want to get your scoop on what’s hot and on what’s not in portrait photography, the best source of advice and tips would have to be London’s best portrait photographers. Try to go out of your way to really visit sites such as that will really get to provide insight into what you should do and what you should be focusing on as a budding portrait photographer aiming to go ahead and establish his brand in the industry at some point or so.

 Make use of overexposure

What London’s best portrait photographers will tell you right off the bat is that over exposure will turn out to be your best friend. Over exposure is the practice of bringing in far more illumination or lighting that you are usually accustomed to. When you overexpose your portrait shots, you help drown out the skin blemishes as well as any uneven skin tones. Think of it as an instant foundation app on your phone. London’s best portrait photographers overexpose their portrait shots all of the time. This is a particular kind of practice that you should go ahead and start observing as well one way or the other. You need to understand the things involved in this and how the elements will come into play one way or the other. Always figure out what the lighting situation will turn out to be right from the get go. You should have a pretty good idea or a pretty good grasp of how things are supposed to pan out in the long run or during the portrait photo shoot.

A portrait doesn’t have to be upfront or in your face all of the time.

There will be a lot of times wherein you will actually be able to play around with the concept of mystery and of giving out peak views into what’s really going on in the photos that you are shooting. Invite excitement and mystery because it is the kind of thing that will really get to bring out the most in the photos that you are trying to produce for your clients at the end of the day.

Tips on How to Find an Excellent Portrait Photographer

portrait photographyPhotographs are snapshots of time that allow you to capture a moment in your life that could never be repeated. Photos are like magic and a skilled photographer is a magician – able to capture the depth of a person’s character, emotion and the essence of who they are. A photo may seem like such a simple thing, but with age, memories fade but a picture lasts many lifetimes. Therefore, it is no surprise that most people nowadays love taking pictures! However, if you want to truly capture your essence so that your future generations may know and remember you, then you will want to consider hiring a high end portrait photographer.

Finding a good portrait photographer is a task, but with the tips in this article, you should be able to find one and avoid the common pitfalls. The first being is that you may automatically turn to friends and family for recommendations. This can work positively in your favor, but on the other hand, they might recommend their friends or family that have just picked up a camera and are trying to get their career started. You certainly don’t want an amateur, so be wary of using this method of finding a photographer.

Make use of social media

One of the best ways to scout for a photographer who is good in portrait photography is on social media, such as Facebook. Most high end photographers will have a Facebook business page where you can view albums of their work. This will enable you to assess their style and find one who has the style that you want. Also, you can read the reviews and comments by other people and past customers. Of course, a photographer that has numerous negative comments and complaints should not be trusted and this will help you to reduce your pool of possible photographers.

Check out their studio

After you have a shorter list of possible photographers, you should meet with them and have a look at their studio. When looking at the studio, make sure they have a lot of lighting since proper lighting is what makes a photo. Poor lighting is a huge indicator of an amateur and will be obvious in their sample photos where there is excessive Photoshopping and post editing. Also, you need to interview and get to know each photographer to determine whether they are professional and is the type of person that you want to work with.

Assess the price

You should keep in mind that a high end photographer will be in demand and will have high rates. So, if you want a truly excellent photographer, you will need to keep this in mind and make sure you set aside a high budget and plan ahead with time to spare. Even though the cost may be high, there is no price for a truly amazing portrait that truly captures who you are.

Communicate well

In closing, make sure to properly communicate with your photographer and express what you truly want your portrait to convey. Remember that they are there to make your vision into a reality and they can’t read your mind! Once you do your research and communicate effectively, you will definitely be more than pleased with your portrait.