Getting Started: Newborn Photography Without a Mess

newborn photographyIn a literal sense, the chance to have a newborn photography session held without a mess is as big as getting a camel through a needle. But, you can limit the mess of fussing around the set, equipment and baby diapers.


For the umpteenth time, proper planning before the parents arrive will a lot in the process. You need to prepare the set, parents and yourselves. The baby just needs to be cute and that’s it. Decide on your set, background, props and reflector or lightning positioning. If you do this, you will save the time of moving around the equipment during the session. Inform the parents of how long a baby photography session will last and remind them what to bring with them. Prepare yourself to be presentable and ready to take the pictures. Offer them some light bites during the hours.

Help the parents

Parents usually bring their own baby needs, especially if you have reminded them about it. But it will not hurt to have some yourselves. During the session, pay extra attention, especially to babies over 10 days old, as they tend to be more awake and move around. Never leave the baby unattended and have someone else look after them when you had to leave the baby alone even for as short as 2 minutes. Being extra careful never hurts. Check for the room temperature and make sure the baby is comfortable. Most shots with newborns are done with little to no clothes at all, so babies might feel cold and fidgets around.

Caring for the baby throughout the session and having one or two basic knowledge of baby needs will help build your relationship with the parents. Happy, satisfied parents will create marketing buzz on their own, because of the positive experience during the baby photography session they felt with you.


Photographers should always have some props ready for use in newborn baby photography, but in many times, parents also bring their own favorite toys or accessories. While using these props, you might be imagining hanging bags where babies are put in there while showing sleeping expressions. The fact is that, babies make small movements and sudden ones. During the whole session with props, never let your eyes leave the baby. Imagine that is your own; would you want your baby left on a hanging bag alone? Lay a wide cushion or other soft, thick, fluffy materials in case the baby accidentally falls.

Be flexible

At times you might have to cancel the session or the session had to stop midway for one or another reasons. It happens, though not often. Don’t be all strict and insist on the decided schedule, rather, be flexible and discuss with the parents when you should reschedule the newborn photography session and that the older the baby get, the type of pictures and poses you can capture will change. Ask if the parents are okay with that and if they have other medical procedures the babies have to go through and decide if the session should be held before or after for the baby go through it.

5 items You Must Have When Getting Started as a Newborn Photographer

newborn photographerThe arrival of a new baby is one of the most exciting moments in a parent’s life – being the one to take beautiful shots of this moment for this family is one of the happiest feelings to a newborn photographer.

As a Seattle newborn photographer, if you are anticipating for a newborn photography, here are some vital items you need to have for you to kick-start your newborn photography career.

You need a DSLR Camera

Before starting as Seattle newborn photographer, you need a DSLR camera to kick-start your newborn photography. Although, any type of camera will do, but you need a camera that has a bigger sensor and a camera that can provide top-quality without using a flash.

You need Softboxes

With a softbox, you do not need to worry about if there is no natural light to help you get good photos. This box can help you create some elements of diffused light. A soft box is an alternative for natural light.

You need props

You can’t do well as a Seattle newborn photographer if you don’t have props. These props add some spice to your newborn photos. Since your subject which is a newborn baby can’t be able to pose for the photo session, with these photo props, you don’t have to worry about posing the baby.

Note, your props should be blankets, stuffed animals, baskets, etc.

You need a bed and a couch

You need a bed or a couch to put that newborn baby for you to photograph them. Your bed, couch or anything soft will be ideal to take newborn photos.

You need Heating pads

To make the newborn very comfortable, you need heating pads. This is due to the fact that when babies are photographed, they are without any clothes on. You need to keep the babies warm and conducive for them to stay in.

You need cleaning materials/items

Vital things to have with you as a Seattle newborn photographer are cleaning materials or items. As a newborn photographer, you are going to take pictures of a newborn without any clothes or diaper on. To avoid messy situations, you need to have towels, baby wipes, or other cleaning vital cleaning items. You also need puppy potty pads; this pads will help you clean up the baby faster and cleaner if there is any messy accident.

Newborn photography is a type of photography that is very sensitive.

Although, it is an excellent type of photographer that will be quite interesting; this is because you are dealing with tiny cute babies. As A Seattle newborn photographer who is about to kick-start a newborn photography career, you need to get the important items which are listed above. You can’t become a complete newborn photographer unless you have these items in your possession. I know you want to kick-start a bright career as a newborn photographer, if so, then you need to check out for more information about newborn photography.

Calgary Newborn Photography Pointers

Choose the right schedule

newborn photographyIf you are a bit of a newbie in Calgary newborn photography, one great way for you to start things off of is the schedule. The schedule of a newborn photo shoot can turn out to be focal to the success of your the entire endeavor and this is something that you will really need to do something about well ahead of time. Talk to the parents. Although most of the parents schedule their shoot ahead of time, this is not the kind of thing that they think too much about. They don’t really understand how important a schedule can turn out to be in the long run. You should know better though, given the fact that this is something that has tremendous impact on the work that you do as a newborn photographer.

During the first ten days after they have been born out in the world, newborns are still somehow confused about where they really are. They have not acclimated all that much to the outside world yet and what that means is that they will be spending most of their time sleeping or feeding. This is something that you can work out to your advantage. This means that you can “mold” the baby into whatever positions you may like and not get any objections out of it. This will get to save you time and effort while you are shooting the newborn photo shoot.

Go for natural light as much as possible when you have a photography shoot under way.

Natural light is flattering and it easily wraps around the skin of the subject. This means that the blemishes will be minimized and as you may know, infants in general have naturally blemished and uneven skin, mainly because of the transition phase that they are going through. Infants normally shed within the first few days after birth and this is something that you will need to watch out for because your photos will be greatly affected by this. As a Calgary newborn photographer, you need to make sure that you set up the best possible kind of environment for the infant as well. Natural light is something that is unobtrusive and something that is not really all that harsh on the eyes, which will most likely avoid the infant from getting woken up in the middle of the shoot have you suffer through a temper tantrum while you are at it. Whether you are a parent or not, you should know by now that waking up an infant is an incredibly bad idea.

Work as if your pants are on fire.

But then, do it in a more methodical and organized sense because you don’t really have a lot of it in Calgary newborn photography. You don’t have a lot of time on your side during a newborn photo shoot. The baby can change his mood anytime. You might as well make the most out of it while you still can. Prepare everything in advance so that you don’t have to waste time when you are transitioning in between scenes and poses.