How To Be Practical In Your Wedding Photography Coverage

Crowdsource your photos for the wedding so that you don’t need to go for an extravagant wedding photography package.

Lancashire wedding photographerOne of the trends these days is the usage of social media to really up the ante in wedding photography, so to speak. The thing is the most important part of the wedding that you absolutely need professional wedding photography coverage on is the ceremony. As for the reception party after the wedding ceremony, well that one, you can pretty much play by ear. Make use of Instagram hashtags or create a Facebook page or group so that your guests can interact with you by uploading your wedding photos there.

Create a fun hashtag that puts a spin on wordplay or something that is fairly similar to that.

Reception parties can really turn out to be quite fun and it will be even more so when you get your hands on the photos that are taken from the perspectives of the guests who are in attendance. It makes perfect sense but more than that, you have to know that it is one of the most practical ways for you to cut your wedding photography budget when it all comes down to it. Don’t make a mistake though; you still need a professional wedding photographer for your coverage. You can just cut it short a little by minimizing your costs. Visit to see how great wedding photographers could be in weddings in Lake District.

Proof books are overrated.

You don’t really need a proof book for you to pick out the best photos that you think are worth printing out in the first place. Let’s zero back to the fact that you don’t need printed photos, per se; at least not from the professional wedding photographer that you hired. By not opting for a proof book alone, you get to save at least 200 dollars or so. That is a considerable amount of savings especially if you have a particularly tight budget for the wedding. A proof book is basically an album with the printed out photos that the wedding photographer captured during the wedding. You can browse through it and pick out the photos that you like the most that the photographer can print out in a far larger size, like for a frame in your hallway or something like this. The bottomline here is that it is not an absolute necessity. You can make do without it and your budget will thank you for it.

Try to see if you can pay with a cashback credit card.

Imagine the amount of incremental savings you were able to make when you have been grocery shopping or shopping for clothes or buying gas and the like while using a credit card with a cashback reward scheme. The average wedding photographer these days charges anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 dollars or more for a single coverage. Even if the cashback is only at 1-2 percent or so, you still get to knock off a certain amount off of your total wedding photography service rate and as you may know, a little bit here and there really can go a long way.

Finally, if you want a great wedding photography coverage, then brace yourself for the fact that it will not be cheap.

You only get what you paid for. Don’t hire a cheap amateur Lake District wedding photographer and expect to get professional finished photos by the end of the coverage. If you want great photos, then you need to consider it as an investment that you really need to shell out money for.