Tips on Choosing a Wedding Photographer Dublin

wedding photographer DublinThere are a lot of wedding photographers in the world. But, if you are looking for localized services within the region of Dublin, the best thing to do would be to perform a specialized search for a wedding photographer Dublin. The fact that there are several wedding photographers means you can expect varying styles and prices. This makes the task cumbersome for a couple.

However, the good thing is that the internet really makes the process of searching easy. Just a simple search query on photographers in Dublin can bring countless results. Before making a choice on wedding photographer, you need to inform yourself on the best approach to selection.

  • Connection

First and foremost, you need to get a photographer whom you click with. The website of the photographer really isn’t going to tell you all that you must know before hiring. Chances are that you will be with the photographer throughout your wedding.

They will tail you while also covering the events of the day. The photographer will also have to mingle with your family members so ask yourself if you are content with hiring someone you do not trust.

  • Communication

Is your wedding photographer Dublin easy to talk to like Olga Hogan? Communication is very important in ensuring that both you and your photographer are on the same page. The photographer brings his craft in shooting events but at the same time he needs direction from you on what you want in your wedding album.

The photographer is also going to be running around taking shots and poses of family members. To get the job done, he also needs your cooperation.

  • 2 Things in 1

What is wedding photography? The answer is clear cut! Wedding photography is both a vocation and a business. Being a professional in the field is not easy. However, your own priority is in ensuring that you are dealing with someone who is not only a business person but also an artful individual.

The reason why the business aspect is important is to make sure that when it comes to agreeing on price, delivery of images and possible reprints, you do not face any roadblocks.

  • Openness

When it comes to conversations and the business side of photography, how does the photographer react? Is he or she open to discussions? Can you call them when you need a certain service? What is their email or social media handle.

How long does it take before the wedding photographer Dublin gets back to you when he misses your call? All these are important questions you need to ask yourself before concluding the hiring decision.

The fact still remains that you will be communicating a lot with the wedding photographer. The above 4 are important criterium that the photographer ought to check. If you cannot fully convince yourself that the photographer ticks all the appropriate boxes, then do not commit.

There are still a lot of photographers out there who can make you feel confident in their services. However, make sure you start the search for a photographer early to prevent having to settle.

How a Wedding Photographer Portsmouth Should Act

Portsmouth wedding photographerIf you are meeting a potential client for the first time, feeling nervous is a given. You might not sure what to say or how to impress them. You feel pressured under the notion that there are better photographers out there offering their services at affordable price. How can you compete with them? If you want to become a professional Portsmouth wedding photographer, this is the first step.

Get used to talking to people you don’t know

Some people are awkward to start a conversation with people they are not familiar with. That is okay because here, you don’t have to knock on doors and initiating the conversation. These people came to you after they found you somewhere or heard about you from someone else. They are looking to get to know better as well and it’s the same situation for them too.

But remain calm and comfortable when you meet them. You don’t know about them, so you don’t know what to say, but that’s actually a good reason to ask many questions! For example, “How are you? I heard you are getting married shortly!”, “Oh, yeah, I attended a friend’s wedding there and it was a gorgeous place!”. Imagine that you are talking to a friend and you want to get to know about him more.

Show your portfolios

It’s also the time for you to show them what you did before. Tell them about the pictures and relate it to their wedding may be in terms of size, theme or venue. Help them see why you are a good choice of a wedding photographer for them. Remember, good portfolios of a Portsmouth wedding photographer are what affect clients the most like

If possible, include something you did recently to prove to your clients that you are actively sharpening your skills and will be better on their wedding day. It’ll also reassure them that those aren’t pictures you took half a decade ago.

Research and ask questions

In wedding photography, you need to do your own research if you’ve never gone through formal photography education. You should also gain some experience by working with other professionals. Clients will come to you without any idea how a wedding photographer should work because this is their first time hiring a wedding photographer.

However, don’t hesitate to ask questions to your clients. You don’t want to be only half sure of what you are offering but completely convinced that you can do this for them. There are things the Internet cannot tell you for sure, or only your clients know for sure.

Prepare everything

Take all your time to prepare for the wedding. And not just you’re first, but for every wedding, you are entrusted with because they are not just photography sessions. They are very special days for the couple and they really need you to do your best in taking their pictures.

Make sure the camera and lenses are clean and working, the battery is charged and the memory card is empty. Don’t forget umbrellas, lens hoods, and lighting equipment. Attend the wedding rehearsal as it’ll let you practice with your client and scout the location for best positions to shoot from during certain events of the day.

You might still be a nervous, beginner Portsmouth wedding photographer, but so was everyone else who knows professionals.

How to Choose Your Portrait Photography Studio

portrait photography studioYou’re looking for a professional portrait photography studio? Most probably, you want someone who is able to figure out the best angle to take your pictures. You also want someone who knows how to direct you if you are not a professional model, to begin with. There are many expectations, but the challenge is to find the right person for the job!

What is your purpose?

Depending on why you want to get some portrait pictures, you may need to find a different studio for the job. Some professional portrait photographers are experienced in taking certain portraits and they might not be what you need. It could be the style of the photographer that you are pretty particular with.

Before you start looking for a photographer, you got to know what you need from them first. Then it will be much easier for you to discuss with them and pay for something that you really need.

Experienced photographer

Portrait photography requires a photographer to be extremely familiar with taking pictures in different places. That means someone who improvises easily on the spot because you most probably don’t want to be brought to the same place and be directed the same way as other clients by the photographer. That photographer must also be used to capturing pictures of people from different physical appearance.

You may have different special circumstances and you don’t want a photographer that is picky about it. Do not feel discouraged because there are always more people who did not have the most ideal body shape came to a portrait photography studio like Chris Scott Photography. In fact, you might be interested to see what he had done for them! That brings us to the next step.

Look at portfolios

Many of them must have worked with various clients and should have kept some as their portfolios. You want to see that there is someone similar to you who had his portraits taken there. Or maybe someone with a similar theme to what you want. This is a great way to see if the photographer will do well for your portrait pictures!


The most important part of a photo shoot session is to have a model that understands what the photographer wants. On the other hand, the photographer must also know how to best direct the model and where to shoot from. The close is your relationship with the photographer, the easier it is to listen and follow his directions.

You are not a professional model, but your photographer is. So, it is up to him to help you get used to the set. You don’t have to hire him to know how it feels; you can see it from your first few minutes of talking with him. Do you feel comfortable around the photographer? Does he give genuine compliments that help boost your confidence?

If you walk into the right portrait photography studio, you will be able to see pictures of the better version of yourself! But that truly depends on whether you found the right photographer with the right skills or not!

5 Steps to Find a Professional Wedding Photographer Glasgow

wedding photographer GlasgowWe all want to find the best wedding photographer Glasgow for our wedding, but the problem that we have is that we don’t know how to find one. Many are offering themselves are professional wedding photographers, but we only need one and not every one of them will suit your preferences.

On top of it all, you’ve got only one chance to find the right person! So, without further ado, here are the steps to find your wedding photographer.

1. Set aside time and budget

The first two things you need to have is the time to look and budget to spend. How long do you need to find a photographer? Photographers are often booked years ahead and you don’t want to lose your chance of hiring a good one just because someone else came along and took a step earlier than you! Make some time with your partner to look and meet the photographers together.

How much are you willing to spend for your photographer? A lot of couples spend much on their wedding dresses and renting the venue. But don’t be shocked to know that wedding photography rank the fourth after the dress!

2. Meet and ask

When you get to meet and consult with the photographers, know that it’s not going to be a short greet and meet. You will be spending quite some time asking them things about their experiences and style. Because of that, you will have to prepare a list of questions that you want to know from the wedding photographer Glasgow.

Professionals like Foto Maki Photography often answer these questions even before you ask them on their FAQs, so do check them out!

3. Negotiate

Do not hesitate to negotiate if you find the photographer good, but the price not. Explain that you really think he’s a great choice, except that you are really tight on budget. Alternatives may be offered, such as getting a more suitable package or have yours customized according to your budget. Anything for a happy couple!

4. Requests?

Your photographer will never know what you want unless you tell them about it. At the same time, keep the requests limited to personal only, not any more than that. Meaning, you shouldn’t tell him how he should take the pictures or give him a list of things that you exactly want to be captured.

The job of a professional wedding photographer is exactly that; to know what he should take pictures of in general and make sure he does it well. Doing this would be similar to patronizing them, hindering them from doing their best.

5. Enjoy your day!

Your wedding photographer has the important job of capturing a lot of the main characters’ face. Throughout the day, your photographer won’t stop taking pictures of you guys. But it won’t do if you are stressed out during the day trying to take care of things!

Don’t forget that you have prepared so much just to have fun on this very day. Do not let yourself sweat the small things. Have fun at the party and you’ll naturally be making happy faces that will look great on the pictures your wedding photographer Glasgow took.

Do You Need WordPress Support for Photographers?

wordpress support for photographersMost of the photographers that we met told us that managing site is the hardest thing to do. Even with WordPress, one of the easiest platform to create a site, they are still having a problem, and maybe you are, too. That’s why you search for WordPress support for photographers.

What kind of WordPress support will be provided though? Will it be better to entrust the job to someone else or try to do it yourself? Here’s your answer.

What it entails

Managing a site is not an easy task. You have to be responsible for many things and ultimately, be around 24/7 to keep the site off cyber attacks. And that means you are not even working as a photographer anymore, but an IT expert, a site manager. That’s not why you set up a site, now, is it?

WordPress is an amazing platform, housing millions of sites with more created each day. You can easily install plugins, upload new content and receive full support with the right subscription. However, it gets complicated when you have to learn about SEO, keywords, optimizing the site, as well as updating everything, especially when WordPress announces it.

It’s really confusing once you try to learn about it when you have no basic about site-building and managing. Building it is one thing, managing it is another whole thing. It’s constant and you have to be ready to sacrifice your sleep sometimes.

These are the main reasons why one will need WordPress support for photographers. It’s not an easy thing to do given that you still need to manage your own photography business. If you need a recommendation asap, we suggest giving MyPhotoCTO a visit.

So, what will a third-party do to help you with WordPress support?

What they do

They will firstly help with updating the plugins to make sure it’s to the latest version as WordPress is constantly updating its coding for better optimization. Next, they will help you maintain your site’s UI because a good site is the one where people can easily navigate in. It also has to load within a short time, making it easy to load new pages and explore the site.

They also want to tell you when they detect that certain pages are loading too long, such as your gallery, and how to optimize those. Don’t you hate it when you visit a site and everything is just stuck, laggy, and the site is loading forever? That’s what you want to avoid happening to your visitors.

They will also protect your site from being attacked all the time even when you are sleeping. It’s also worth noting that these supports provide live chat sometimes. You can immediately inquire anything through the live chat when you see problems and you have to be prompt about it.

Just remember that your time shouldn’t be spent too much on trying to build and manage your site that is meant to market your business. Let the professional in WordPress support for photographers do their job, so you can focus more on your photography job or hobby without worrying too much about it.

Wedding Photographer Leicester: Introduction to the World of Photography

wedding photographer LeicesterWhat do you need to know about becoming a wedding photographer Leicester? First of all, you’ve got to know everything about photography first! At the same time, you can also immediately aim to learn and practice wedding photography, instead of only photography specifically.

What you love

The first step towards photography is to know what you really love. Some people look at a glance and think that they want to be a wedding photographer for their career. Others took a lot of turns in their life and could only make the decision much later. Of course, if you are able to find out what you love early, it will be better.

One way to see if you will enjoy it is to work directly under a professional wedding photographer like Oliver Kershaw Photography. So, once you are done with being introduced to the basic of wedding photography, be involved directly in the job. See if you like the career by observing as close as possible and be part of the job.

Get used to your equipment

Choose your camera and a reliable prime or zoom lens. Get used to what you have and make sure that you don’t have any doubt with it anymore. You know immediately what mode to use in different situations and how to change to that mode on your camera. You also know the pros and cons of your lens as well as how to take full benefits of it.

Lastly, while you might have shot a lot of pictures with it, you need to make sure that you are taking care of your equipment. Wipe the lens clean, avoid exposing the camera to hot sunlight or rain. Don’t overcharge the battery or disconnect it from the computer before it finishes reading the files. Do not switch the memory card in different cameras.

Know your style

Later on, you will see that some photographers are able to label themselves to be a wedding photographer with a certain style. You might, or might not, have a specific style for yourself. It’s better to have one because that will set you apart easier. But don’t force yourself to do so, as you will end up saying what you are not.

At the very least, be able to show your portfolios in a way that is coherent. It has to be able to show the clients something that is uniquely you. It’s also a good idea if you can adopt certain photography effect or method and create something new for your clients.

Get used to doing everything

A wedding photographer Leicester isn’t just responsible to take pictures and edit them. You have to take a lot of pictures, edit some of them, compile them into a wedding template and print them out. You are responsible to take care of all of these.

Not to mention that during the wedding day, you are actually occupied for the whole day and stuck with your clients. You have to walk around taking pictures, making sure you are not missing a thing, so building up your stamina is also a must.

You can check out our blog for even more instructions and guide on how to become a professional wedding photographer Leicester. Stay tuned!

Your Professional Event Photographer Guide

event photographerHow can an event photographer become professional? There is a necessity for a brief guide to being made to help people who have just begun on their career to understand what they need to do. They say the first step is often the hardest and the most important and we couldn’t agree more.

Do what is asked

Your first event photography job isn’t going to be as awesome as you think. At least, your first paid job is not going to be a gala dinner event. It might be something that is pretty much small and contains a few people in a small house party. That is your first job and you are probably not as excited.

If you are, great because you will be trying your best. But if you are not, think of how you can practice at this moment. Within such a mundane event, what is it that they want to capture. It is only a small party with very few people and you are not sure if there’s anything special about it. But there’s the challenge, and just accept it.

Know the event

It’s important that you know about the event before you go to the party. Ask your clients about the event and what is commemorated. Or maybe is there anyone in particular in the party that your client wants to have more pictures taken of. If you know about the party as if you are a guest on it, it will help you capture what is necessary for that event.

An event photographer first step to professionalism is here. Make it a habit to understand the event and get an understanding like a guest in that party.

Put portfolios

When you put up your portfolios like the ones shown in, make sure that you know what each event is. Your future clients will want to see those and compare how you did in other events that might be similar to his. An event photographer should also list his portfolios in a way that is easy to navigate in.

Arrive early

Always make sure to arrive early to every event you are assigned to. Take some pictures of the room prepared to welcome the guests from various angles as this is commonly one of the most used pictures to create a classy feel. Your client will probably ask that themselves as well.

If you arrive way before the event starts you will have enough time to ask about the itinerary of the day. That way, you know where to stand and who to expect as well as prepare for guests’ arrivals. In case that your clients made last second changes, you will have time to adjust yourself as well. You don’t have to take pictures of everyone, but at least, you won’t miss important people when they arrive.

Enjoy the job

This is something that we always like to remind anyone doing anything in their life. So long as you can enjoy your job, it won’t become a burden that you hate. Instead, it will drive you to do better for your clients and seek ways to make yourself better. It’s the attitude that a professional event photographer must have.

Get Yourself a Professional Commercial Photographer

commercial photographers WaterfordYou want to promote your company and to do that well, you have to get someone who is really professional about it. You know that it’s not just about taking a couple of pictures. If you want that picture to real people, it has to look professional and enhance the visual of the product. Whatever it is you want to promote; a room, a school, food or even services.

Let us show how professional commercial photographers Waterford will be your best to go choices.

Quality of pictures

Firstly, you need someone who has the right equipment to capture the pictures. The results should be of high quality and do not break in pixels. It cannot be blurry and should be able to be printed in big if necessary. Typically, you can tell your photographer about this as he’ll choose a more suitable equipment to ensure that the pictures are sharp.

A professional commercial photographer invests in many types of equipment from lighting to lenses. All of those help them to capture pictures in various conditions and to enhance the look in a way that best suits it.

The quality of pictures is also affected by how the photographers capture them. A professional will use a tripod to make sure that the pictures won’t blur. They also know the best place to choose to capture the products or which side of the venue should they capture that best shows the place. They will even help you see how your product can look better.

We want you to look at some examples of great works by professional commercial photographers Waterford at You can see that the pictures and videos were dealt with professionally and those are what you expect to happen with yours! And imagine if your competitors are doing something like this, don’t you think that you need to step up as well?

Finding the right guy

It is obviously important that you also find the right professional for the job. It’s not enough to just get a commercial photographer; you need that person to truly know his experience, his style and whether he will be able to capture it the way you want. A discussion is definitely necessary to decide this. Be sure to consider several alternatives as you will see how your products will be presented in different ways.

It’s best if the photographer has done the similar task before. If you are promoting your food, you want to see your photographer’s portfolios filled with mouth-watering pictures. They have to lure and tempt you to thinking that those things look good! Because that is also how you want your customers to look at yours. If you do have different visions, consult your photographer about it.

Lastly, while choosing the right guy is important, communication keeps everything smooth. Avoid any misunderstandings and give the photographer all the information he or she may need. If it will help them capture the pictures, it’s worth informing them about. Understand that commercial photographers Waterford won’t understand it if you barely talk about it, so be open about what you promote.

Tips for Interviewing Providers of Wedding Photography Edinburgh

wedding photography EdinburghAs a wedding photographer, you will always be faced with interviews with couples. It’s unavoidable as they are searching for the right person for the job. You are offering wedding photography Edinburgh service and one way to convince people that you are the right guy for the job, it means getting the right answers for the questions!

Throughout this session, we won’t be asking you to come up with fake answers. Everything you say must be the truth. But what we’ll talk about is how you answer those questions because just like how the same cuisine could be served in different ways, that’s how it is with answering interview questions as well.

Truthful but confident

When you answer the questions, never try to lie to the clients for many reasons. One, it’s not ethical to do so. Two, you will be walking towards a downward slope of your career and three, you may get sued for it if your clients seek to take things very seriously. Keep everything original and as honest as possible when it’s about making your clients amazed.

Muster up the confidence of a professional wedding photographer before you meet them. Know that these people are still searching and most like do not know a lot about it. You have the upper hand as you can explain to them about wedding photography and convince them why you are the one. You want them to trust you, but it won’t be possible if you are unable to sound like you trust yourself!

Proving your worth

In a short meeting like that, it can be pretty challenging trying to tell them what you can do for them. Wedding photography Edinburgh isn’t exactly something that you can give ‘test drive’ with. A wedding photographer like will do good to show their portfolios, however.

One thing we want to remind you is to show them what you are really able to do. We all put up our best works online to show others that, hey, this is my best work, yet. Those are also what made couples contacted and thought about hiring you. But will you be able to live up to the expectations?

Bring more pictures to show them how the pictures look in general. Some clients get the wrong impression and thought that all their pictures should look like that. But that’s never the case, let’s be honest. We want to impress the clients at the end of the day, not just on your first meeting. That way, they will be able to leave some good reviews and tell others about what they found.

Take the friendly, helpful approach

No matter what kind of photographer you are, this is always the approach that couples are comfortable with. As people who have zero experience in hiring a wedding photographer, they really need someone who can give them some friendly advice. You don’t necessarily have to be the person, but at the same time, why not?

It makes them trust you and want to rely on you because you were being helpful. Simple things like that will easily convince them to find you again to book a wedding photography Edinburgh session.

Why Hire a Photobooth? 5 Strong Reasons

photo booth hireAny couple looking to have the best wedding party will agree that anything has to be done to make sure the day is going to be unforgettable. One way to do that is to get a professional photo booth hire.

And of course, we are not suggesting this without giving you strong reasons. The popularity of hiring a photo booth for any event has been ever rising and we believe you can guess some of the reasons already.

1. Very entertaining

A photo booth in 2018 doesn’t just contain a box where people can take pictures in. The photo booth can already be customized in such a way that it looks unique to the place and event. It can also contain many entertaining features, such as props that are prepared by the company. The pictures are also editable with frames, funny and easy-to-use stickers before printing.

Guests love to take some pictures of an event with friends and especially the couple. It’s a great way to entertain them and have them something to do while they wait for the party to start.

2. High-quality pictures

The photo booth today no more produces pictures that can only discern a maximum of four faces at close range. The cameras are of high-quality that capture the pictures with sharp resolution. It makes taking group pictures worth much more as you can clearly see everyone and what they are doing. Any professional providers will provide a photo booth that has this kind of camera.

Because of that, the pictures can immediately be processed and connected to a local presentation. It gives something for the guests waiting inside something to look at. One of the best photo booth hire services we can mention is The pictures are high-quality and can be accompanied by cute stickers while the company also provide props for use.

3. More pictures

Any couple setting up for their wedding party spends a lot of time looking for a professional wedding photographer to hire. On top of that, you can still hire a photo booth to get even more pictures. These are pictures that your main photographer won’t be able to take. And not just that, with those pictures they got from the machine, they can use it to leave some messages to congratulate the both of you on a guestbook.

4. Affordable

Hiring a photo booth won’t cost you that much of a fortune. It is often within a reasonable price range as you will only need the service during the reception and it can close and open to reduce the price. Some companies may even give a discount if you purchase a photo booth hire service with their wedding photography package. It’s a cheap, easy to care and love feature by guests.

5. Zero maintenance

You don’t have to maintain the photo booth at all because the company will send you someone professional to take care of the photo booth. All you need to do is inform the butler when you want to open and close the photo booth. If anyone has any problem with using the photo booth hire, you don’t need to worry as well.