Getting Ready for a Photo Shoot

Let’s talk about models and how their photos are always so amazing.

photographer DundeeFirst of all, you need to understand that most models photos are shot by a professional photographer Dundee. Seeing as it is part of their profession to look good in pictures, it is not surprising that they normally opt for the best snappers; snappers who have been in the game for quite a while, and whose style is a good match for them.

Also, models (or their director/manager) are a huge part of the post-process of the photo shoot. The photographers will have to put in the time to transform the photos from what was captured to what’s desirable. Sometimes, the body shapes are altered to look fantastically superb (remember this the next time you see those amazing Instagram models). The skin tone, eye colours, and body weight can be changed; even a healthy image of a person or a thing can be “photoshopped” out of a photo.

All of these take place in the backstage before the actual photo image of a model is presented to the world. This is not to say that the “models” are not good looking, the message here is that a photographer Dundee plays an unbelievably huge role in making an photo look so great most times.

Your photo shoots can also come out great if you’re not a model

Last time I checked, most people are not professional models, but they still manage to have great photos of them captured by photographers every now and then. How do they do it? Here are some tips from photographers on how to prepare for a photo shoot in order to have great results.

  1. Get ready for it:

You have to eat, clean up, and select all the clothes you’ll wear for the photo shoot. You don’t want to keep the photographer Dundee waiting. Your teeth, facial hairs, hair, and skin should get some tender love and care in view of the shoot. You may want to do your makeup yourself or employ the service of a professional makeup artist to help you with that.

Again, your skin appearance goes a long way. And do not forget tiny details like your hand and toenails, your lips, and your eyebrows.

  1. Rested eyes make a great difference:

Just like most makeup artist who know their onions, experienced professional photographers know that you look better when you’ve had a beauty rest. The effect of a beauty rest shows in your body language and your face, especially your eyes. So, healthy-looking eyes are crucial if you don’t want a horrifying appearance.

Oh, and do you know that there are some things that cannot be fixed in the post-process? Not if you still want to look like yourself.

  1. Bring some personal effects:

What are your plans for your photoshoot exactly? Do you plan to change clothes? If yes, then you’ll need your hairbrush and some makeup for a little bit of touch up when necessary. Even if you don’t have plans to change clothes, you still need those personal effects. you can never tell when they can come in handy.

The First Family Portrait…What to Wear

family portraitYour little family is growing. It’s no longer just the two of you, it’s also those two little adorable kids. And you’ve decided it’s time to have a good family portrait taken. But since you’ve never done this before you might wonder…what should a family wear to their first portrait photography shoot? Does it make a difference? Well, that depends. Do you want a good portrait? Or a great one?

You’ve probably seen other family portraits where every member of the family wore the same style (white shirts and blue jeans) or the same color…everyone in black. According to the latest trends, you shouldn’t do that now. It’s outdated. Many are saying it’s unimaginative and “so 90’s”.

NO to uncomfortable clothes

It’s also not a good idea to have the boys wear suits and ties and the girls wear ruffled dresses. Uncomfortable clothes make for uncomfortable facial expressions…or at the very least a much more difficult time getting smiles for the photographer. Think and be natural.

NO to big logos

Here are 2 key places that are easily overlooked but can make a huge difference. First, skip all those clothes with big logos or wild pictures on them. You know…the ones that say the manufacturer’s name in large letters or have your kids’ favorite superhero plastered on the front. Next, leave the clunky sneakers at home. You’re not trying to sell shoes, and most times they’ll stand out and take the attention off your smiling faces.

Clothes that flatter you

Okay, now that you know what not to wear, you’re probably still wondering what should a family wear to their first portrait photography shoot? Well, start with something you know flatters you. If you know you look just awful in red, don’t wear red. If you know little Abbie looks cutest in hats, take some hats with you. If dad prefers a jacket, take jackets. If mom is self-conscious about her midsection, take some flowing, loose-fitting choices. The main idea is to keep it comfortable…not too comfortable, as in slouchy, but clothing you’ll feel comfortable and confident in. And by all means, take backup clothes.

Coordinate colors

As far as color goes, think in terms of splashes. It’s easy to coordinate the family without everyone wearing matching outfits. For example, your picture could be unique with accents of color in fun places…like the girls wearing yellow and the boys wearing blue. The colors need to be your favorites, but use your imagination to splash the brights into the darks.

Another fun way to set off your photo shoot is to have one person wearing something completely out of character. Let’s say everyone knows how much dad dislikes standing out. So you talk him into wearing a cool hat. The photographer gets him to dip his head and look a little sideways while everyone else is smiling with their faces forward and eyes looking his direction. This won’t always work, of course, but the point is to be connected and enjoy the shoot.

Follow some or all of these suggestions and you’ll be surprised and delighted with the results. You can also ask for suggestions from professional photographers like this shropshire wedding photographer. And don’t be afraid to see what else you can do to make your first family portrait photography shoot one the whole family will remember for years to come.

What is “Aperture-Priority” mode on your DSLR camera

aperture priority modeAperture priority is among the most preferred shooting modes by many hobbyist photographers across the world. It is a simple and very powerful mode that provides you with an opportunity to incorporate your creative ideas when taking pictures. While it a mode that can help a photographer improve the quality of the portrait, it is a mode that a considerable number of people don’t actually know what it is, how to you use and when.

So what is “Aperture-Priority” mode on your DSLR camera?

The aperture priority on digital camera is usually depicted by AV (Aperture Value) for canon A or A for Nikon and on many other digital cameras. A is a DSLR camera setting that allows you to choose a particular aperture value while the camera selects a shutter speed to match it thus improving a quality exposure. With this setting, you will have the choice to select the type of background that will match with your photograph; for instance, you can decide to have a sharp or blurred background by using.

For many novice photographers, setting the aperture priority mode can be very challenging let alone using it. If you want to set this mode, it is very simple, all you will need is to turn on the AV or A, depending with your make (check on your manual). Once this mode is on, it means that the aperture priority is active and the digital camera will automatically adjust the shutter speed to suit your changes.

Why use this mode

*Aperture priority is mainly used to control the depth of the field: the clarity with which you want to consider the object on the background from your main target.

*It is ideal in taking photographs on different landscapes.

*This mode dictates the shutter speed. This is a very important factor as it allows the photographer to take photos with quality exposure even under different lightings.

When to use aperture priority mode on your digital SLR Camera

One a sunny day or under good lighting

When there is quality lighting either from the sun or any other source, using the aperture priority mode helps narrow the aperture thus making your image even sharper. Although, in such a good light, you can use manual setting, the worry is that why risk taking blurred images when you can just change to a simple and powerful mode?

Shallow depth of the field

To take a shallow depth of the field, the aperture must allow more light in. This is a feature that can be adjusted manual setting which is a lot of work. When you turn on the aperture priority mode, the aperture immediately adjusts its size, say from f/2.8 to f/1.4, allowing more light to pass in with a matching automatic shuttering speed.

Portrait and landscape

This is a good mode for taking both portrait and landscape because of its ability to dictate the clarity of the background. The automatic setting of the shutter speed is very important in determining the effectiveness of this setting. This mode is also used by wedding photographers dorset whenever necessary.

It is, however, important to understand that although aperture-priority” a very powerful mode, it may not be very effective when taking photographs under poor lighting, darkened areas or night landscapes.

Tips on How to Find an Excellent Portrait Photographer

portrait photographyPhotographs are snapshots of time that allow you to capture a moment in your life that could never be repeated. Photos are like magic and a skilled photographer is a magician – able to capture the depth of a person’s character, emotion and the essence of who they are. A photo may seem like such a simple thing, but with age, memories fade but a picture lasts many lifetimes. Therefore, it is no surprise that most people nowadays love taking pictures! However, if you want to truly capture your essence so that your future generations may know and remember you, then you will want to consider hiring a high end portrait photographer.

Finding a good portrait photographer is a task, but with the tips in this article, you should be able to find one and avoid the common pitfalls. The first being is that you may automatically turn to friends and family for recommendations. This can work positively in your favor, but on the other hand, they might recommend their friends or family that have just picked up a camera and are trying to get their career started. You certainly don’t want an amateur, so be wary of using this method of finding a photographer.

Make use of social media

One of the best ways to scout for a photographer who is good in portrait photography is on social media, such as Facebook. Most high end photographers will have a Facebook business page where you can view albums of their work. This will enable you to assess their style and find one who has the style that you want. Also, you can read the reviews and comments by other people and past customers. Of course, a photographer that has numerous negative comments and complaints should not be trusted and this will help you to reduce your pool of possible photographers.

Check out their studio

After you have a shorter list of possible photographers, you should meet with them and have a look at their studio. When looking at the studio, make sure they have a lot of lighting since proper lighting is what makes a photo. Poor lighting is a huge indicator of an amateur and will be obvious in their sample photos where there is excessive Photoshopping and post editing. Also, you need to interview and get to know each photographer to determine whether they are professional and is the type of person that you want to work with.

Assess the price

You should keep in mind that a high end photographer will be in demand and will have high rates. So, if you want a truly excellent photographer, you will need to keep this in mind and make sure you set aside a high budget and plan ahead with time to spare. Even though the cost may be high, there is no price for a truly amazing portrait that truly captures who you are.

Communicate well

In closing, make sure to properly communicate with your photographer and express what you truly want your portrait to convey. Remember that they are there to make your vision into a reality and they can’t read your mind! Once you do your research and communicate effectively, you will definitely be more than pleased with your portrait.

Starting a Photography Business for Beginners

photography businessStarting a photography business might have occurred to you. You think you’ve got enough creativity and punk behind the lens. You feel as if you have been practicing and shooting for the longest time. You have a nice and fancy looking camera to go with it. You also have been commended time and time again for the photos that you post online and show to family members and friends. While you have all of the elements seemingly work for you at some point or so, converting your hobby into a business takes a lot of work and there are certain steps that you would have to take before you are able to more or less transition successfully.

Invest in your education

You need to make sure that you are armed with all the tricks of the trade before you start a photography business. Do some researches, attend some workshop, and enroll in some classes. Make sure that you attend the classes which only fit in with or work for your photography style. There are a lot of classes out there, some even as convenient as online ones. Investing in your education will make you better equipped towards starting a photography business.

Try to gain as much experience as you possibly can

Try to work with different professional photographers coming from different fields. You will see that each of them have their own sets of techniques and strategies and this is something that you can really get to learn from one way or the other. It helps to accumulate tidbits of knowledge here and there and when it all comes down to it, you will be able to pretty much see everything from a more macro point of view once you’ve gotten a few notches under your belt.

Brace yourself for failure but don’t let it get you down

There will be a lot of obstacles along the way and at some point in your journey; you will seriously consider hanging up the towel and just walking away. Giving up is no solution at all. You’ll just go back to square one and worse, you will be pretty much spending the rest of your days wondering what would have happened if you have decided to push through and soldier on in pursuing your dreams.

Invest in more than just one camera

Ever noticed that the term invest is being used multiple times in this article, yet? That’s because this is exactly what it is. This is a business. And when you start one, you should be well prepared to shell out enough funds to get you started. One camera just won’t suffice. You need multiple in order for you to capture different kinds of shots with varying results.

And lastly, work on your creativity daily

Most people probably think that creativity is something that is intrinsic to people and it’s just there, ready to be tapped anytime. Although it has a certain degree of truth to it, you have to keep the juices flowing. Follow your favorite photographers online. Read up on the best photography magazines, and always keep your eyes open for new inspiration to hit you every single day.